Tan Thru Bathing Suits

Tan Thru Bathing Suits

No More Tan Lines !


 tan thru bathing suits

Flora Del Sol Full Coverage Tank Swimwear by SOLAR TAN THRU Suits. Full support structured reinforced top with a sloping V-neck and low leg cut. No more tan lines from traditional bathing suits! Tan THRU your swimsuit with SOLAR TAN THRU!

Imagine a beautiful bronze tan, with no tan lines. Imagine no more. Solar tan thru swim suits are finally available for the plus size women.  Tan Thru Bathing Suits are made of a special fabric that alllow tanning rays to get through to your skin.  The fabric used in the Solar Tan Thru bathing suit has thousands of tiny pores to allow the sun’s rays to shine through with sun protection averaging SPF10. The high contrast prints trick the eye, so the swim suit is tan-through and NOT see-through, wet or dry. The result is a natural, perfect tan without the unsightly tan lines.

Solar tan thru swim suits are finally available for the plus size women. Now you can tan anywhere and feel confident. Feel beautiful in your plus size tan thru bathing suit as you enjoy the sun. This is a must have for anyone who loves to tan.

Safety first. When going out in the sun in your pretty new plus size tan thru swimwear, don't forget the sunblock. Contrary to popular belief, you will tan with sunblock on. The sunblock only blocks out the harmful rays of the sun that cause cancer. You may tan slightly slower, but it will be a healthier tan and your tan is more likely to last longer. So please use caution when you tan in any swimsuit-or not.

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